The Alphadog Success Family!

Your brain and your subconscious will intentionally reinforce your past negative and skeptical beliefs with new experiences until you decide to change it. 

Yes, you can DECIDE to change your beliefs.

Everything is a choice, and choice is the most powerful tool that we have. Everything in our lives boils down to a choice. Every choice we make shuts an infinite number of doors and opens an infinite number of doors.

At any point we can change the direction of our lives by a simple choice. It is all in our hands, our hearts, our minds.

~Wishing you success!

Meet the Pack

Yes, I’ve got dogs!I’ve also rescued a few cats.

Dogs names are Maxwell, Panda, Lupin, Kya

Cats names from Top: Ember, Feyre, Vitruvius


My name is Drew Kairos.

I am the CEO of Alphadog Success LLC., a global coaching and training company focused on helping entrepreneurs, organizations and individuals harness the maximum power of human performance, intelligence and potential. 

For those wondering about traditional education: I have 2 bachelor’s degrees, a master’s degree, 2 graduate certificates, and a juris doctorate.

I’ve completed trainings and workshops with Tony Robbins, Joe Dispenza, Brendan Burchard and David Bayer Businesses.

I’m also “certified” as a life coach by 3 different organizations.

I have been an entrepreneur for over 10 years and have successfully started 8 businesses that have made over $5,000,000 during the course of my career. 

I’ve been working in the Mindset & Business Coaching field for about 5 years, and I have been very successful. Not just because I’ve implemented a lot of strategies. But because I took the time to align my beliefs, thoughts and feelings with what I’m looking to create in the world.

My coaching includes a philosophical and scientific exploration of the power of thought, and provides a practical step-by-step framework for evolving into the next level of human potential and what I call “Evolving.” 

We focus on the neuroscience of transformation and bridge a scientific understanding of beliefs with spiritual principles and laws.

That’s EXACTLY what I want to share with you, and coach you through on this 12 Week Accelerator Online Coaching Program, the way I did it, and how you can apply the same methodologies, strategies and tactics that worked for me.

~Guiding you to success!