Using Your Imagination To Grow

Use your imagination to go

Create a vision – aim with goals! If you want to accomplish as much as you possibly can, the most important thing to get right is the vision or goal you have to begin with. This is essentially the same as setting your trajectory and without a trajectory, you don’t stand much chance of getting […]

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Top 5 Tips to Get Your Emails Opened

Top 5 Tips to get your emails opened

Hello Fellow Marketers!! You work hard to write the perfect email – and then nobody even opens the darn thing… Sigh … That terrible open rate is ruining your chance at commissions! So the question I get all the time is, what can you do – as a marketer – to improve? We all know at […]

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The 6 Biggest Mistakes Affiliate Marketers Make

The 6 Biggest mistakes that affiliate marketers make

You don’t have your own product yet and you want to make some money promoting affiliate products. Great place to start! I’m still utilizing affiliate offers in everything I do! It’s a great way to make a little extra money for referring products and companies that you love and already utilize. If you promote affiliate […]

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How (And Why) You Should Focus on Building Trust

How any why you should focus on building trust

You’ve worked hard (damn hard, in many cases) to get prospects to your site and sales pages – and many times they are on the verge of buying when they suddenly decide NOT to. What happened? How can you get so very close to making a sale only to lose it? It’s no secret that […]

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When You Feel Like Doing NOTHING!

Some days you'll feel like doing nothing and that's okay

Everywhere you look, you’re told to achieve. And sure, you can get things done, but at what cost? If you’re anything like me, you want to do work you love, but you also want to remain somewhat sane. Life isn’t all about work. It’s not all about achieving. There are times when you feel like taking action. And there […]

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How to Overcome a Scarcity Mindset & Stop Worrying About Money

Overcome Scarcity MIndset and Stop worrying about money

I used to worry about money constantly… I was gripped by the fear of poverty, and not having enough money to live the life I wanted. But that is quickly becoming a thing of the past. My mindset is transforming from scarcity to abundance. In this article, I’ll share what I’ve discovered, and my journey […]

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Why We Make Lousy Choices (And How To Stop)

Why we make lousy choices and how to stop

We are all faced with challenges that require decision-making. How we meet our challenges though, makes all the difference in the image of success or failure. When we obsess over an outcome we create illusory stress, what most of us think of as “worrying about” something. An accurate description of worry would be using the mind to […]

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Did You Check Your Email 145 Times Today?

Did you check your email 145 times today?

If I were to tell you that you need to check your email 145 times today and every day, you’d think I was crazy, right? But according to The Science of Motivation book by Brian Tracy, that’s exactly what the average adult does. And then you wonder why you can’t get anything done… The truth is – there’s actually some […]

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How to Build a Gratitude Attitude and Be Free Right Now

How to Build a Gratitude Attitude and be free now

If there is one place where we should be completely free, then it is in our own mind. We might have limitations in terms of what our bodies are capable of and what we’re allowed to do – but our minds should be free to roam wherever we want them to. Unfortunately, this is not […]

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